Q: Browning Matched Pair
I own two Browning MT1 .348 calibre, Hi Grades. They are a matched pair in boxes; never even been dry-fired. Their serial numbers are 01649PR6RT (rifle) and 01649PR6RCT (carbine).
I’ve seen one sold at a Bud Haynes Gun Auction for $2,150 (unfired) and $1,650 (fired).
What do you think of their worth, being a matched set in boxes?
—Ted Pesklevis

I’m not sure I can supply much information you don’t already have. The Model 71 Limited Edition rifles and carbines were made in 1986-1987. In the High Grade model 3,000 of each were produced.

The price you noted from the Bud Haynes auction is probably the best indication of market value. I do note a rifle offered for sale online at an asking price of $1,699 US.

Your matched pair with the same (almost) serial number should be worth a bonus over the two firearms sold individually but how much more would really be up to the buyer and seller. There is no rule of thumb I know of for matched or consecutive serial numbers.

For what it’s worth I’ll note that Colt charges an additional $65 for consecutive serial numbers on new Single Action revolvers. However that is new production, I suspect two revolvers with consecutive serial numbers on 1st or 2nd generation Colts would command much more.

I think your guns are worth more as a set than they would be as individuals but the only way to find out how much more would be to put them on the market and see what offers were made. —Dave Anderson