Q: Italian Shotgun
I would like some information on my shotgun. It is a 12-gauge over/under with 30-inch, tubed barrels. On it, there are the names: “Arni Silma Gardone V.T. Italy.” Also the name, “Supreme,” which is probably the model. This appears along with the numbers 39673. The gun is in excellent condition — can you give me some information on the maker ad possible value?
— Jim Battams

Gardone is a city in the Italian province of Val Trompe (V.T.) and is a centre of fine gun making. Quoting from the current Blue Book: “All Silma shotguns…are of high quality and utilize premium materials in their manufacture.”

Currently the company is known as Silma Sporting Arms with headquarters in Brescia, Italy. The factory address is: Silma s.r.l., Via I Maggio, 74, I-25060 Zanano di Sarezzo, (BS), Italy. (www.silma.net; info@silma.net.)

I can’t find a listing for the Supreme model, however the current Model 70 standard over-under sporting model is valued at $625 US with 98 per cent original finish, $775 in 100 per cent condition. — Dave Anderson


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