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A series of harsh winters across the Canadian prairies have largely depleted our stocks of this magnificent and one-of-a-kind species. Pronghorn antelope populations still persist in Saskatchewan and Alberta, with only the latter still offering very limited outfitting opportunities for non-residents. Recovery has been slow and the pronghorn glory days seem to be behind us, for now, in Canada. Look south of the border, however, and the forecast appears much brighter. Seldom do you hear of Canadians entering the US for hunting opportunities, when compared to the scores of American hunters venturing north in Canada. As a Canuck, if you … Read more »

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How to hunt pronghorn antelope in Alberta and Saskatchewan.   If I were asked to choose a hunt that I would rate as one of the top “fun hunts” to be found, I would have to rank North America’s pronghorn antelope right near the top of my list. These animals are simply a great hunt. The hunts are not too taxing, success is usually high, the weather is often cooperative at the time of year one hunts and, if you hunt in prime antelope country, you are most likely to encounter a goodly number of animals. Just being offered the … Read more »

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