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My lure shone white against the dark water and I could keep track of its every twitch or pause through my polarized glasses. A sudden flash of bronze and I saw it scream sideways as the rod came to life in my hands! It was my first cast beyond a favourite rocky reef, and the long pause upon the lure hitting this water duped the feisty, yet finicky, predator. Eastern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario’s countless boreal lakes offer anglers endless spring smallmouth bass fishing opportunities and no closed season. May is a great time. It feels good getting back out … Read more »

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At times, going bigger isn’t always better. At Rapala, this philosophy holds true with the introduction of the new Ultra Light Minnow and Ultra Light Shad. Designed to offer big action in a small bait, the Ultra Light Minnow stays true to form with a classic minnow profile that packs a powerful underwater punch of action. “Unlike traditional ultra light baits, the Ultra Light Minnow has an added benefit,” said Mark Fisher, Rapala director of field promotions. “This compact bait features a weighted body that allows anglers to cast farther, getting to spots other ultra light baits can’t.” The weighted … Read more »

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Rapala is taking the powerful X-Rap line to the surface with the introduction of two topwater maniacs: the X-Rap Pop and the X-Rap Prop. “I’ve fished with topwater baits throughout my career,” said Mike Iaconelli, Rapala and VMC pro staff member. “But none have come close to the big poppin’, monster splashin’ and scream action of the new X-Rap Pop and X-Rap Prop.” Chock-full of X-Rap attitude, the X-Rap Pop is an extreme, action popper-style bait that features a deep-cupped lip. The internal long cast mechanism ensures smooth casting to the strike zone and on the retrieve, the magnified pop-and-splash … Read more »

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