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Not what you’re looking for? Find more fishing stories! Fishing is an activity based on patterns. Through experience, expectations are created that fish will exhibit behaviours under certain conditions or in specific situations. Looking for themes is helpful, but it’s important to keep an open mind, otherwise one can get stuck in a rut due to assumptions and slip into angling groupthink – believing in a handful of well-worn fishing sayings that don’t always hold true. Instead, anglers should critically analyze each day as a unique event, a fishing riddle to be solved. Here are some common groupthink pitfalls to … Read more »

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You and four friends would have a relaxing afternoon on the lake in the new Princecraft Hudson DLX WS aluminium boat. The boat, weighing in at about 1,325 pounds with a built-in gas tank able to hold just over 100 litres, makes an ideal fishing vessel. Features include: Bow raised casting platform Deep cycle battery storage compartment Large storage compartment Electric-fill, aerated livewell placed in the stern and able to hold about 77 litres Nine foot, lockable rod storage compartment without supports Twin consoles with a steering system Walk-through tinted, tempered glass windshield, with door There are also many factory-installed … Read more »

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Out there on the open water, there are no roads, no road signs, no traffic lights and, best of all, there is no rush hour traffic. There is just you, your boat and the open water. I must admit that I have a passion for boats. I have owned about everything one can imagine from a 10-foot inflatable to a Bayliner Trophy with a cuddy cabin that would easily sleep four. The key to successful fishing boat ownership is matching, equipping and then maintaining the right boat for the water you intend to spend most of your time fishing on. … Read more »

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