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You and four friends would have a relaxing afternoon on the lake in the new Princecraft Hudson DLX WS aluminium boat. The boat, weighing in at about 1,325 pounds with a built-in gas tank able to hold just over 100 litres, makes an ideal fishing vessel. Features include: Bow raised casting platform Deep cycle battery storage compartment Large storage compartment Electric-fill, aerated livewell placed in the stern and able to hold about 77 litres Nine foot, lockable rod storage compartment without supports Twin consoles with a steering system Walk-through tinted, tempered glass windshield, with door There are also many factory-installed … Read more »

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The beauty of fishing stocked trout is the great diversity of fishing options. Trout are often the only fish available in many communities and whether you are just looking for an angling opportunity or searching for a big lunker, stocked trout can provide it all. We walked along the windswept shoreline, looking for the best spot to target trout. Wearing polarized sunglasses, I could see the clear lake surface turn a dark shade of green, indicating deeper water. The change in depth meant structure that could easily hold fish and we cast out our baits to see if our hunch … Read more »

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My drag was practically smoking as the eight-pound test sizzled off my reel. I had just set the hook, burying my jig into the mouth of what I thought was an average lake trout, getting him about 10 feet off bottom before all hell broke loose. The battle was on and after some fierce head shakes, there was no doubt that this fat boy definitely had some shoulders on him as I quickly loosened my drag and got ready for what I knew would be a lengthy battle with this lunker laker. Whether you are fishing through the ice in … Read more »

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Mountainous peaks, surrounding the pure, blue waters of Fortress Lake in Hamber Provincial Park, offer world-class fishing for huge brook trout. The remoteness of the lake will ensure it’ll last for quite some time, and there are many options to fish the lake – for all types and budgets. The North American continental divide follows the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains from north to south. Bordering Jasper National Park, in Alberta, is Hamber Provincial Park, home to Fortress Lake, in British Columbia. This gem of a getaway wedged itself into position thousands of years ago right among the mountainous … Read more »

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If you’re looking for a great way to light up — check out this new flashlight from Snap-On. Their new LED Hybrid Light features 53 LEDs and unlike incandescent bulbs, which burn hot, this portable, battery-powered auxiliary light is cool to the touch. The tubular-shaped light has a tough tube lens, a rubber molded comfort grip and a magnetic base. The light functions not only as a head beam flashlight, but its body projects 360-degree illumination as well. It also features an anodized aluminum handle and cap. The water-resistant hybrid light is useful in casting light where it’s needed from … Read more »

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Preventive maintenance is something that anglers and hunters who boat should always be mindful of. Certain tasks are best carried out before the boating season starts and others when the boat is being prepared for winter storage. In addition, routine maintenance carried out at regular intervals during the season will help avoid trouble and add to a safe and enjoyable boating season. Nothing can be more frustrating and ruin a day of fishing than a simple breakdown that could have been avoided by some proactive attention. (Like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman Magazine Print Edition Today For Even … Read more »

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Cold water survival: If you don’t wear a lifejacket, you could be in for a shock. When you head out on the water for a day of pleasure, the last thing you expect is tragedy. But did you know that 90 per cent of boating death victims were not wearing lifejackets? All sports fishermen, hunters and boaters need to be aware that falling overboard into water that is less than 15 degrees Celsius can cause cold water shock — and kill you. And in Canada, the waters we boat in during hunting and fishing season can be this cold for … Read more »

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