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We spotted a really nice bull walking away from us, and I quickly evaluated the situation more carefully through my binoculars. The big bull was in a small band of caribou walking into expansive swampy barrens, almost 800 yards away, and not angling our way in the slightest. A client I was guiding couldn’t help but admire the impressive rack this caribou sported, only just recently stripped of its velvet. His bright red, still bloody antlers were sky lined against the horizon, and then lit up in the late afternoon sun. It was quite a sight. Around this time my … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting ungulates! Hunting the majestic barren-ground caribou Once you get a taste of the far north, I guarantee you will constantly yearn for more. It gets in your blood, your thoughts, your every wanton desire and if you are anything at all like me, you will find a way to get back there time and time again. The north does something that is hard to explain until you’ve been there yourself. I pointed the truck west and headed out to pick up my long-time friend Jeff McKee in Calgary, Alta., starting … Read more »

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In a flash I was able to reflect on how hard I had worked and planned the last few months – all the logistics and travel that brought me here. In that moment, I admired the majestic caribou bulls around me with an increased appreciation. I strategically placed myself in a rocky outcrop atop some high ground that overlooked a land bridge separating two long ponds. It was the perfect location to funnel any caribou moving around Schmock Lake in north-eastern Manitoba this foggy September morning. I had only just arrived yesterday and still had several days to locate two … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting ungulates! My father-in-law thinks I’m nuts. He can’t understand why I go on some of the far-flung hunting trips that I do. However, in a rare moment of weakness, he once mentioned to me that of all of the trips on my bucket list, one that he’d also like to do is caribou hunt in Quebec. So, when the opportunity arose for a caribou hunt with Sammy Cantafio’s Ungava Adventures in Quebec’s Nunavik region, he didn’t need a lot of arm twisting – especially when I mentioned that I was … Read more »

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Hunting caribou in the North Country is a truly Canadian outdoor adventure. Every big game animal has its own special appeal. Be it the “stick it your eye” cunning of a mature whitetail buck, the brute size of a monster bull moose or the regal stature of a bull elk guarding his harem of cows. And how could I possibly exclude the overpowering image of a great ram silhouetted on the pinnacle of a craggy mountaintop? But when it comes to which is the handsomest in the land, there is little doubt that a caribou bull with its long white … Read more »

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