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Picking the right fish An excellent shore lunch begins with the selection of an excellent fish. Here, I can be as picky or critical as they come. I could go on into detail as to why, but there seems to be different varieties of lake trout inhabiting different niches or habitats within the expansive Great Slave Lake. Here we encounter two varieties of lake trout: greenbacks and redfins. Greenbacks tend to cruise more open water, a bright silver and white fish with fainter patterning and an aqua-green back. Often caught trolling open areas, their diet consists of ciscoes, grayling or … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more hunting articles! Not what you’re looking for? Find more general fishing articles! Capturing quality footage is tougher than it looks, but cover the bases and you’ll be on the fast track to videoing like a pro I first began recording my own hunting and fishing trips almost two decades ago. My buddy and I would use his camcorder to document as many of our outdoor experiences as possible. Then, with the introduction of digital cameras, I stepped into the semi-pro world and picked up a Sony VX 2000. While it was state of … Read more »

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