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I felt the subtle tap of another fish on my fly and I instinctively set the hook. My fly rod bowed under the weight of the fish as I worked my fly line back onto my reel. The fish instantly came to the surface, trying to spit the hook. But I could see he was hooked well in the top of his mouth and I now had all my line back on my reel. Moments later, I landed the first whitefish of the day. We’re into December and the hunting season is all but over. With any luck, your freezers … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more fishing stories! A still water fly angler has an excellent chance at catching good trout from shore. While not always the optimal choice, by wisely choosing your time on the water and the lake itself, you will enjoy your fly fishing and maximize shoreline opportunities.   Why: During certain times of the year, lakes are very productive when fished from shore. Spring and fall are obvious examples, as water temperatures are most hospitable in the shallows around the margins. During these seasons, a fly fisher has good access to fish holding water, assuming … Read more »

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About eight years ago, I introduced my sons, Brandon and Sean, to fly fishing for pike. Within the first few hours of our initial trip, the pike’s fear-nothing, take-no-prisoners attitude etched a place within their psyche. I was no different. Pike aren’t called the water wolf for nothing – a stark comparison to trout, the usual fly rod quarry.   Know Your Quarry When chasing pike on the fly, it is important to have a good, basic knowledge of its habits and seasonal movements. Knowledge that helps you explore the right locations, choose the right equipment and make the correct … Read more »

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Nothing epitomizes fly fishing like casting to trout in a small stream environment — and here’s how to best target trout in your area. I really enjoy fly fishing small creeks. They offer a tremendous amount of diversity, from small babbling mountainous brooks, to raging torrents, to slick meadow spring creeks. They harbour brown, rainbow, brook and cutthroat trout and arctic grayling add a nice spice to complete a great recipe. However, becoming a small stream fly fisher requires a specific skill set and equipment list. Do you have what it takes? Stream Types There are two broad types of … Read more »

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Fly fishermen: if you can’t locate big, stillwater trout… Find Them With Forage! Here are four fly patterns from Phil Rowley to help you located and hook into big, stillwater trout right across Canada. Balanced Leech Hook: Mustad R50-94840 #10-#12 or Mustad Ultra Point Jig Hook 32833BLN #8-#10 Thread: 8/0, Colour to Match Body Tail: Stillwater Solutions Strung or Long Marabou, Mixed With a Few Strands of Holographic or pearlescent Flashabou Rib (For Dubbed Versions Only): Wire, Fine, colour to compliment body Body: Stillwater Solutions Soft Blend Dubbing, or Crystal Chenille Bead: Gold or Black Tungsten, Mounted on a Straight … Read more »

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Fly fishing for species such as lake trout, bull trout or Arctic char in the frigid waters of the north requires some tough, specialized line. Thankfully, Rio Fly Lines have a model lineup that fits the bill perfectly — the company’s Specialty Fly Lines. The Rio Outbound is the ideal line for Arctic char or bull trout, or for any species that requires you to make long, accurate casts into turbulent water. The 37.5-foot head is heavier than usual lines, so it casts far with few false casts, which is important when you’re using a nine-weight rod. While it is … Read more »

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