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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles about fishing for pike or walleye! Introduction – our day on the water Trolling loud, brightly coloured baits in late July was responsible for catching many large pike and walleye in a small, seemingly unimpressive, double-portage lake. My brother Alexei and I were enjoying a day (off the clock) from guiding at Canada North Lodge in north-western Ontario’s Sunset County. In the lake we planned to fish that day we traditionally jig shallow cabbage beds for walleye, but today the fish were scattered and likely suspended deeper somewhere. We needed to cover … Read more »

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The Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club, of Merrit, BC, is taking on US billionaire Stanley Kroenke in a legal battle. The fish and game club wants to keep public access to Minnie and Stoney Lakes, but Kroenke is fighting to establish that the lakes, and the roads leading to them, are private. Kroenke owns the Douglas Lake Cattle Co., which has developed the lakes into a private sport fishing destination. Read more about the legal battle here. Not what you’re looking for? Find more news and events! Join us on Facebook! Do you like what you’re reading? Subscribe to … Read more »

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