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Not what you’re looking for? Find more general fishing articles! Lee Nolden, hard water guru Late fall and the ice is starting to form on the waterways of the prairies. Its arrival is anxiously awaited by thousands of anglers who are checking out their hard water equipment, re-spooling reels, purchasing and re-organizing tackle, checking out heaters, tents, sleighs, snowmobiles, quads and anxiously reading reports on local forums to find the first safe ice that signals the start of the ice fishing season. In Manitoba, the waters of the Red River and the south basin of Lake Winnipeg attract particular attention, … Read more »

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On three separate deer hunts, in three different Canadian provinces, in the same season, I was rewarded with exciting encounters with whitetail bucks across our beautiful country! Like many Canadian hunters, I wait for deer season all year long. I have become so passionate about pursuing whitetails across Canada that I simply can’t let a season end with a single tag. I decided to find a way to keep hunting, and on a budget. With careful planning and research, I managed to weave hunting opportunities for myself across three provinces for the following year. This is my 2012 quest for … Read more »

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I recently returned from an incredible fishing adventure on Manitoba’s Red River. I had never fished the Red River before, so I hired the services of Paul Munroe, the owner of Cat Daddy Fishing Guide Service. We were targeting the abundant channel catfish within the river and Paul said we would catch fish. However, I had no idea what lay beneath the stained water of the Red River. I was staying at the Fiddler House, a bed and breakfast right on the river. I met Paul at 7:30 a.m. at the dock, which was a mere 30-second walk from the … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more hunting articles! I know, I know, we Canadians get enough winter during the winter season, and don’t really want to talk about it during the nicer months of the year. However, the severity of the past winters is a prime driver of game numbers, particularly deer, so for western sportsmen and women it is important to review the conditions in the cold, dark months of last year in order to understand what the coming hunting season will bring. Not surprisingly, a good hunting season depends in large part on high numbers of game … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more fishing articles! As we slowly motored toward the gates at Lockport, I was again mesmerized by the power of the current that rushed by, creating small whirlpools and back eddies topped off with foam. How could any fish thrive in that environment? As we anchored, the current pushed us parallel to the spillway, threatening to swing us back and forth like so much flotsam. We started tossing our catfish rigs into the boil right at the base of the spillway, where six-ounce weights were sucked into the current and carried into the deep … Read more »

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Aquarium rule My fascination with fish, fishing and nature began early. During high school, I worked part-time at an exotic pet store showcasing extensive tropical and marine fish display tanks. As a general rule, one inch of fish per gallon is healthy and keeps larger species from becoming stunted. In captivity, the larger the aquarium, the larger fish growth potential can be. Imagine if this rule somewhat applied in nature? That would mean larger systems offer more habitats and can support lots of large fish!   An inland Delta Applying this rule to a province like Manitoba could easily fire … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles about fishing for pike or walleye! My anticipation was palpable, as I stood with spinning gear in hand, slowly raising, pausing and dropping the jig and minnow set up. I’d thump the bottom a couple of times, raise a foot, pause, jiggle, slowly lower. Repeat. Until suddenly it felt like something hit the jig with a hammer and the fight was on! I set the hook and watched the rod bend, the fish pulling in that typical walleye head-shake way until an emerald green shadow appeared and moments later the fish was … Read more »

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Manitoba is known internationally for the famous polar bears of Churchill, in the extreme northeast corner of the province. As well, increased eastern barren ground grizzly bear encounters are being documented across suitable habitats north of the tree line. To round it off, the geographical centre of North America is also home to a healthy population of large black bears, and they come in a variety of colours. Between all four of its borders, Manitoba has black bears inhabiting the majority of the landscape. No doubt lower densities occur in the north compared to agricultural or prairie regions in the … Read more »

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