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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting ungulates! Travelling north for the rugged Dall’s sheep I’ve been dreaming of a Dall’s sheep hunt my whole life and my opportunity to set foot on the mountain was finally there. As a kid, before I could even hunt, I can remember reading every outdoor magazine I could get my hands on, scouring the glossy pages from cover to cover looking for stories about the grand, white sheep of the far north. I’d often read them five or six times, absorbing every detail. My outfitter, Stan Stevens, met me in … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles about fishing for trout or char! A fishing adventure in the Northwest Territories From Edmonton to Yellowknife, and from Yellowknife to the most beautiful middle of nowhere that I have ever seen. Welcome to Yellow Dog Lodge. My husband, Jeff, and I were invited to spend five days fishing on the remote waters surrounding Yellow Dog Lodge, which is a short, 20-minute floatplane ride away from Yellowknife. Owner Gord Gin promised us lake trout, pike and walleye, but we still weren’t prepared for the exciting fishing action that awaited us in the … Read more »

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At the end of our pike fishing, I had the chance to talk with Garrett about playing the fish. It was a very interesting conversation that I had with him. Now, I had the basic idea about fighting the fish, but I wanted to know more. In my research on the Internet, I learned that you want to set the breaking strength at 25 per cent of the tested poundage of the line. So, if you have eight-pound line, you want to set it at two pounds. This is easy enough to do – tie your line to a scale … Read more »

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On Sunday, July 7, after our morning of exploring Graham Lake and fishing on our own, we packed up the floatplane and made the short flight over to Johnston Lake. I don’t think I will every forget taking those plane rides. The sheer terror and beauty of being in a sardine can while flying over top of the Northwest Territories is something that everybody should experience. Peter, our pilot, made a smooth landing onto Johnston Lake and we got everything unpacked. There were two boats and fish finders already waiting on the rocky shore. Gord, owner of Yellow Dog Lodge … Read more »

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Regardless of where you fish, fishing in the deep, open water, in the middle of the body of water, decreases your chances of catching fish. Up in the Northwest Territories, even with no fishing pressure on Duncan Lake and Graham Lake, we stuck to the cover and structure of the lakes. Cover refers to things like weed beds, docks, fallen trees – anything the fish can use as cover to hide. Structure deals with natural ledges, points and drop offs. If you can find a combination of both structure and cover, you highly increase your chances of catching fish, and … Read more »

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On the Sunday, on the third day of our trip, we planned to head to Johnston Lake in the afternoon for some walleye fishing. This left us with a couple of hours to fish in the morning. Since we didn’t have a guide, Michaela and I grabbed a boat, some cisco rigs and headed out onto Duncan Lake, the smaller of the two lakes where Yellow Dog Lodge is situated. I got the rigs ready and we dropped them down. Garret, the senior guide at the lodge, told us where to go to fish for lake trout. It was a … Read more »

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We awoke the next morning and had an amazing breakfast. During breakfast, we met a very nice couple from Yellowknife, who try to come to the lodge once a year. We also learned the day’s activities and Kirsten Tarves, a new guide with the lodge, was going to take us out for the day. We got ready and headed down to the tackle room for rods and a life vest, and 10 minutes later we are in the boat and headed to a hot spot for lake trout. We were going to be using a cisco rig and frozen bait. … Read more »

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