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Back home After driving back from Saskatchewan and staying overnight in Winnipeg, I flew home to Ottawa and hit up a Canadian Tire store to purchase my non-resident licence (a quick and easy, but expensive, step.) My brother and I headed out to our cottage, where we had both grown up and first learned to deer hunt together. My brother had been scouting our old spots, but got the most consistent trail camera photos of two eight-point bucks living in the dense cedar bush immediately around our cottage. I prepped a stand, confirmed my crossbow and hoped I could complete … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more hunting articles! After the pleasant days of summer and the anticipation of the hunting season, last winter seems but a bad memory best forgotten. Much of Ontario experienced a worse-than-average winter in 2013/2014 which, compounded by a slow start to spring, will affect hunting prospects, particularly for deer. For 2014, several areas will have fewer species tags and game seals available and hunters may have to plan to hunt a bit harder to be successful this fall. Fortunately, deer populations were pretty robust for the province, so a loss of some animals in … Read more »

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My lure shone white against the dark water and I could keep track of its every twitch or pause through my polarized glasses. A sudden flash of bronze and I saw it scream sideways as the rod came to life in my hands! It was my first cast beyond a favourite rocky reef, and the long pause upon the lure hitting this water duped the feisty, yet finicky, predator. Eastern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario’s countless boreal lakes offer anglers endless spring smallmouth bass fishing opportunities and no closed season. May is a great time. It feels good getting back out … Read more »

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TV personality and animal rights activist Bob Barker wants the Ontario government to put a stop to its plans to reinstate a spring bear hunt in the province. Despite his pleas, the government is going ahead with the hunt. Read the full article here! Join us on Facebook! Do you like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman print edition today! Find more news and events!

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