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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting gear! Parallax is one of those optical terms that can be confusing until a person sits down and does their own personal test to demonstrate its existence. Simply put, it refers to the difference in apparent position a rifle scope’s reticle can occupy on a target, based on the location of the shooter’s eye. It’s best observed by placing a scoped rifle on a set of sandbags and looking at a target through the scope without touching the rifle in any way. As the eye is moved back and forth, … Read more »

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It’s time to buy a new scope — but with all the choices in the marketplace, how do you know what’s right for you? The world of rifle scopes can be a confusing one, especially given the propensity for manufacturers to throw around acronyms, numbers and phrases; some of which were quite literally invented by them and are often little more than marketing jargon. Figuring out what it all means can be a daunting task and figuring out what best suits your needs can be even more challenging. Let’s start with the basics. Magnification & Zoom Virtually all optics utilize … Read more »

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Burris Optics’ Eliminator II and Eliminator III LaserScopes are now being shipped to dealers across the country! The new 3.5x-10x-50 Eliminator LaserScope, which was introduced in August, starting shipping in October. ““After seeing the overwhelming success of the original Eliminator LaserScope, we are very excited for hunters and shooters to begin experiencing our most sophisticated yet easy to use automated-trajectory-compensation system of the newest generation of Eliminator scopes,”” said Rob Siemers, general manager. ““With three new Eliminator LaserScopes from which to choose, we have one that will fit the needs and budgets of most every shooter. And we have them … Read more »

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As hunters we should never underestimate the importance of a quality pair of binoculars. They are often as vital to success as your rifle. They not only assist in finding game but also in determining sex, legal status and trophy quality. I know I spend more time glassing on a given hunt than I do anything else. Steiner has developed a series of binoculars with just the hunter in mind. The Predator Xtreme is the sixth generation of Steiner’s contrast enhancing optics. The new optical coatings on these lenses allow you to see more contrast and, additionally, they make your … Read more »

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The TSN-883 is Kowa’s flagship spotting scope — featuring a large 88mm Diameter Flourite Crystal Lens that greatly reduces chromatic aberration. Despite this large lens, it is still a compact and light scope — weighing 1,520 grams (53.6 ounces) and is 343 mm (13.5 inches) long. The magnesium alloy body decreases the weight of the scope while providing a rugged structure that can withstand the severest conditions. The inner focus system keeps the prism box light and compact while the large 88mm objective lens ensures overwhelming brightness. Furthermore, the dual focus mechanism allows focusing in two revolutions and fine pinpoint … Read more »

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Every once in a while a new product comes along that simply changes — for the better — the way we hunt. The Vendetta Archery Rangefinder is just such a product. The Vendetta is designed to mount right on your bow giving you a precise digital distance to your target, even while you are at full draw. Just think of the advantage as you avoid excess movement and wasted time involved with ranging the target with your present rangefinder and then putting it away — and that all takes place before you even pick up your bow for a shot. … Read more »

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How to mount a scope and sight in your rifle. Mounting a scope and sighting in a rifle — it may sound like a simple process and it can be, if done correctly, but it can also be the prelude to an array of problems. The worst of such problems could be a missed shot at a buck of a lifetime. It seems that on nearly every trip I make to the range these days I end up helping someone having a problem with a poorly mounted scope or with sighting in a rifle. Long ago I lost count of … Read more »

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Are you looking for the ultimate scouting binocular? Check out the brand-new Razor HD — Vortex Optics’ top-of-the-line roof-prism model. Smaller, lighter, brighter and stronger than ever before, the Razor HD offers the ultimate combination of advanced technologies and premium components. Vortex claims they are packed with the best-quality, hand-selected prisms and premium HD (High Density) extra-low dispersion glass available today. Their proprietary XR anti-reflective coatings, fully multi-coated on all air-to-glass lens surfaces, increase light transmission for maximum brightness. All optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust and debris from getting inside the binocular. Argon gas purging guarantees … Read more »

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