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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting predatory animals! Heraclitus once said, “expect the unexpected.” I am quite sure this quote was not made in reference to hunting, but it certainly fits more often than not. And this was no exception. It was beginning to look like Danilo Moresco was actually going to get a chance at this wolf after all. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Wolves are a notoriously intelligent predator. Yet there we were, getting set up for a shot at the same wolf we had called in hours before. His shiny black coat … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting predatory animals! Interest in hunting wolves is increasing While wolves have lived in relative obscurity for the past century or so, burgeoning populations across western Canada and recent introductions to the western US have really brought them to the forefront for some hunters. As sightings increase with increasing populations, and ungulate numbers plummet in some regions, the interest in hunting wolves is increasing. It wasn’t all that long ago that taking a wolf was relatively rare for hunters, but now, for those that get out and target them, success is … Read more »

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Alberta is a very diverse province. The towering Rocky Mountains flow easterly through the foothills into parkland country and finally, meet the rolling native prairie grasslands that span as far as your eyes can see. Boreal forests cover the northern half of the province, providing habitat for animals of all kinds, and signs of oil exploration can be found throughout the province, giving Alberta the label of black gold. In May 2011, I was seeking a different kind of black treasure – bow hunting for black bears. May in Alberta begins rather brown-looking in the bush. The fall leaves are … Read more »

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Why do we hunt bears? … In the end, rationales are based on conservation, management, economic impact and personal values. Black, brown (both coastal and inland grizzly) and polar bear are all highly sought-after game species; but not everyone agrees that they should be hunted. From the emotionally charged arguments presented by off-the-wall animal rights groups readily exploiting eager mainstream media, to the thoughtful biases held by traditional hunters, opinions vary. But by in large, conservationist hunters refute the challenge, recognizing the need for population control and the exceptional trophy hunting opportunities made available by mostly thriving populations. Commonly viewed … Read more »

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Spend this summer sharpening your shooting skills — fall comes quick, and you need to be ready. And that’s where the Ruger K77/22-VBZ comes in… As a young lad I wandered the hills and coulees of Southern Alberta with my trusty Daisy BB gun and dreamed of the day when I would eventually own my first .22 calibre rifle. That day finally came when I had socked away enough hard earned paper route money to buy a Cooey .22 calibre single-shot rifle. I then spent every spare dime I made on buying ammo for that rifle. In the ensuing years … Read more »

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It’s the hunter’s ultimate goal — get close to your game. Here’s how to do it effectively. We had been on the trail of a herd of cape buffalo for the better part of three hours when the tracks led directly into a patch of waist-high grass and mopane scrub. As we continued tracking into this less-than-ideal cover, I can assure you that the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The next thing I knew we were right among the herd and had buffalo standing up out of the grass all around us, including a … Read more »

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Electronic and mouth calls, high-tech camouflage, 3-D coyote decoys, too many attractor decoy options to mention, ultra flat-shooting rifles, shooting rests, high performance ammunition — these are the tools employed by just about every New Age coyote hunter. Well into the 21st century, hunters have entered a new age; a time when technology and information can be used to increase efficiency in the field. With the coyote population explosion, producers and wildlife managers alike are scratching their heads. No solution seems obvious. Coyote numbers remain excessively high and hunting appears to be the only viable management option. Great news for … Read more »

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Simmons Introduces New Predator Series Scopes. Simmons, a leader in high-quality, high-value sports optics for more than 25 years, has introduced a new line of all-weather predator hunting riflescopes. The new Predator Quest riflescope line is endorsed and used by Les Johnson, an expert predator hunter and host of the popular Predator Quest TV show. Simmons Predator Quest scopes are ideal for all types of predator hunting. The scopes feature a 30mm tube for plenty of elevation adjustment on longer shots. With a practical side focus and fingertip adjustable turrets, shooters can make rapid adjustments to get a clear sight … Read more »

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