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Here’s a mouthwatering onion soup that’s loaded with tender chunks of moose meat and is hearty enough to stand alone as the full meal deal. Traditional French-style onion soup recipes are typically made with beef stock but contain no meat. They are excellent as first course fare but, in my opinion, not as delicious or as filling as this moose hunter’s special that’s loaded with tender chunks of lean moose making it hearty enough to come to the table as the full meal deal. I usually make this soup out of a hefty moose round steak, not because other venison … Read more »

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Here’s a tasty recipe that is well-suited for a less-than-platter-perfect bird! It’s always been a big winner with my gang, especially when served with an array of homemade, mouthwatering dipping sauces that make dunking exciting and fun. These crispy, golden turkey fingers can be served as an appetizer, in which case you’ll find the breast of your special prize will whet the appetites of the whole hunting party. Of course, if you are going to be serving them as the main meal of the day, you’ll want to pair the fingers up with French fries in order for a pound … Read more »

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Here is a delicious, versatile meatloaf that’s as good hot as it is cold. When I was a kid learning the tricks of the trade, Uncle Stan was always voted by the gang to be camp cook at our family’s deer hunting camp in Muskoka, Ontario — and he tackled the job with a true passion for cooking! Of course, there was nothing I enjoyed more than being his partner in the ol’ hunting camp kitchen where I learned to make everything on the menu from scratch like buttermilk pancakes, biscuits, hearty stews and baked beans… all of which were … Read more »

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These mouthwatering venison chops are the ultimate reward of a successful deer hunt. Here’s a delicious recipe handed-down to me from Mom, who used to make it out of deer chops when we had a prized cache of venison in the freezer and out of lamb chops when we didn’t! I still love it today as much as I did when I was a kid. Although the old Irish recipe calls for lamb which, according to my taste buds, faintly resembles the flavour of deer. I really do enjoy it more when it’s made from deer meat, especially a prize … Read more »

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This is a delectable dish for the waterfowler who wants to showcase duck in gourmet fashion. It calls for just the breast and the recipe is best suited for one or two plump prairie-fed birds that have fattened themselves up nicely on grain and have been plucked instead of skinned. Don’t fret if your ducks are skinned or skinnier, for that matter, for you can increase the number of breasts used and butter them up a little to keep meat moist upon cooking. Nothing complements duck better than a sweet, tart sauce made from wild cranberries, which belong to the … Read more »

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Smokin’ good sausages without the smoke! If you’re an avid black bear hunter like me, no doubt you still have a nice little stash of autumn bear denned up in your freezer by the time spring hunting season rolls around. If so, here’s a delicious way to use up the aged meat and make room for the new bounty you hope to bag. Of course, if you don’t have a stash of autumn bear then all the more reason to get out and enjoy the spring hunt! Basically there are two types of sausages — fresh which are made out … Read more »

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Baked Stuffed Fish: A memorable big fish supper. Whether you stuff it and bake in foil over glowing embers for a special fish camp supper to show off the day’s trophy or take the prize home and cook it in a clay baker, here’s one of the most impressive and tastiest ways to showcase a fresh fish. What I like most about this old recipe of my dad’s is that it works great for any species of fish: trout, walleye, pike, whitefish or whatever catch you’ve been lucky enough to reel in (including salmon). And even though I call it a … Read more »

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Here’s a catch and a pick paired up for a perfect feast. Eating “locally-grown” never tasted so good. I love foods that live up to the high standards of eating within what’s fashionably known as “the 100-mile diet”! To me, it’s a satisfying feat to eat foods that come from within a hundred mile radius of ones own home and especially rewarding to experience the pride of indulging in a “self-sufficient” meal. Of course, even better is the fact that both the fish and fiddleheads used in this feast are caught and gathered from a local lake and nearby woodlands–perhaps … Read more »

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