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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting gear!   An additional option for shooters looking for maximum accuracy Hunters who like tinkering with guns in order to wring maximum performance from their firearms often miss an important option. Rimfire shooters chasing maximum accuracy will already be testing various kinds of factory ammunition in their rifles and finding that one brand shoots the best, then stocking up on that product. That’s a great first step, but for the true experimenter, there’s another angle left to explore – tuning the rifle with a torque wrench. It’s an overlooked step … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more hunting articles!   When winter is coming to an end for another year and people are getting the urge to get out and enjoy the warmer weather, there are several hunting options with your rimfire rifle that are often overlooked. Crows, pigeons, magpies and squirrels can make for a great opportunity to hone your shooting skills and provide an exciting switch from the monotony of shooting gophers. These animals are found throughout the west and there are generally no seasons or bag limits in many areas, making for a great time afield. The … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more news and events! Olin Corporation, through its Winchester division, is recalling two (2) lots of M*22 22 Long Rifle 40-grain black copper plated, round nose rimfire ammunition. Symbol number: S22LRT Lot numbers: GD42L and GD52L Winchester has determined that the above lots of 22 Long Rifle rimfire ammunition may contain double powder charges. Ammunition with double powder charges may subject the shooter or bystanders to a risk of serious personal injury and/or death, or cause firearm damage, rendering the firearm inoperable. DO NOT USE WINCHESTER M*22 22 LONG RIFLE RIMFIRE AMMUNITION WITH LOT … Read more »

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