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During the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, I love getting together and visiting with family and friends. During the many visits throughout the holiday, it never fails that at some point the conversation always comes around to the past fishing season and each year I always get asked the same question: What was the strangest fish I caught during the year? I had the good fortune of fishing in three different states and four different provinces during the 2014 season and caught 42 different saltwater and freshwater fish species. I caught my first leopard shark, catfish, eel and a few … Read more »

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If your call the prairie provinces home, like I do, and you’ve dreamed of fishing Canada’s west coast, you need to do it now. I had the good fortune of fishing with Serengeti Fishing Charters during the month of June, with two good friends, and it was a trip of a lifetime – one I will never forget. Aside from the great company and friends I was with, fishing the west coast is nothing like targeting walleye, pike, perch or any of the many trout species for which the prairie provinces are famous. On the west coast, every time you … Read more »

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