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I started crossbow hunting because I thought I could extend my range on white-tailed deer shots. Turns out I was mistaken. Modern compounds are capable of shooting just as far and packing just as much punch to put down a deer at distances of 50 metres and more. The problem wasn’t so much the technology, but the fact that arrows are just plain slow compared to bullets and whitetails have lightning-fast reflexes. Whether the arrow is flying at 280 feet per second like some 60-pound compound bows or 400 feet per second like my Mission MXB-400 crossbow, it’s still slow … Read more »

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Researchers in Finland are testing two different reflective sprays on reindeer antlers, in an attempt to make the animals more visible to passing motorists and reduce collisions. Read the full article here! Join us on Facebook! Do you like what you’re reading? Subscribe to Western Sportsman print edition today! Find more news and events!

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting ungulates! The buck was moving along a ridge top, located about 200 metres in front of our tree stands. Looking at him through my binoculars, I made two grunt calls and then put the call down again. The buck, apparently un-phased to the casual observer, kept walking. At that point, my hunting partner whispered, “Call again, he didn’t hear you.” I explained to him that there was no need to use the deer call again because the buck had heard me and would come to investigate. My hunting partner looked … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting ungulates! November brings about a season of change for whitetails, as well as a chance to give thanks On Nov. 11, 2011, I had attended the Remembrance Day ceremonies in the morning and was enjoying a late lunch amongst the veterans at my local Legion. The whitetail rut was starting to heat up and I had been hunting a good 5×5 buck that had given me the slip several times during the archery season. But things were changing. He’d been pestering a small group of does for the last few … Read more »

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Western Canada’s Hunting Forecast: A mild winter of 2011-2012 means great prospects. The winter of 2011-2012 will be remembered in Western Canada for being mild — one of the warmest and driest on record. So mild, in fact, that some winter game surveys could not be conducted because of lack of snow, a very unusual occurrence. This was a very welcome change from the previous nasty winter (2010-2011), which claimed numbers of big game animals and resulted in restricted hunting and lowered success in 2011. Canadian winters can be tough on man and beast and some game animals do not survive. … Read more »

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I hunt because I love the challenge. I hunt because I love the outdoors. I hunt because I love the tranquility of the wilderness. I hunt because I love the intense feeling of adrenaline infusing my body after hearing a bull moose grunt. Hearing animals before you see them is heart-pounding excitement. Your imagination is completely free to daydream of abnormally sized antlers, long hanging bells and perhaps even multiple bulls. I’ve hunted moose for well over 20 years in a variety of ways: tracking and pushing, ambushing from tree stands, spotting and stalking feeding areas, but my preferred method … Read more »

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A while back I had a reader call me and ask what type of footwear he could use on stand as he was heading out to Saskatchewan for a late-season deer hunt. He went on to add that he has tried a number of approaches and none seemed to work that well when it got really cold. I had to commiserate with him as this is not an easy problem to solve but passed on what has worked reasonably well for me in the past. That was until I discovered Hot Mocs Shoe/Boot Covers that guarantee they will keep your … Read more »

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Knowing the secrets to hunting permission. It was a series of lovesick cow calls that had brought in the biggest bull moose I’ve ever seen while I had a moose tag in my pocket to a mere 200 metres away. If I could get him another 20 metres closer and across the fence, it would be a 180-metre shot and the big bull would come home with me for the winter. After 15 minutes of calling, I knew the bull was losing interest. I did my best to sound like the sexiest and loneliest cow moose in the woods, but … Read more »

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