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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting birds! We western Canadians know winter, and few of us really like it. This goes for wild animals and birds, too. Many local birds just pack up and leave for warmer climates for the winter, but one of our favourite game birds, the ruffed grouse, does not. The range of this species includes all of western Canada, the southern Yukon and into central Alaska. So, within a range like that, a bird that doesn’t migrate south is going to know winter and better be prepared for snow and cold. Fortunately, … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles on hunting gear! Arguably one of the finest upland shotgun gauges, the 28 gauge is enjoying newfound popularity Last autumn, I was talking to another hunter in the field and he asked me about the shotgun I was carrying, saying, “Twenty gauge isn’t it?” I replied that no, in fact it was a 28. “A 28? I thought those were a thing of the past!” he exclaimed. I am still surprised at the hunters today who say that sort of thing. The 28 gauge is one of those mysterious things that everyone … Read more »

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Attention turkey hunters in BC, Alberta, Manitoba & Ontario: The New H.S. Strut Sawed Off Box Call From Hunter’s Specialties Works Great For Running And Gunning! The new H.S. Strut Sawed Off box call from Hunter’s Specialties offers turkey hunters the chance to have a true custom made call at a great price. The Sawed Off box call features a one-piece poplar body and a cherry wood lid. The call is compact and easy to carry and works great for spot and stalk hunting. It easily produces a wide range of turkey sounds. The call is a traditional non-waterproof design for … Read more »

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Upland Bird Hunters – check out this exciting new offering from Browning! For 2011, Browning will introduce the new Bird’N Lite Upland line of outdoor apparel that features a weight distribution system that incorporates shoulder straps, fully adjustable side straps and a padded adjustable waist belt to help distribute a load of birds higher and balances weight between hips and shoulder for more comfort. A Browning Bird’N Lite Lite Jacket and Vest will be offered as well as a Pant and Bird’N Lite Strap Vest.  All are constructed of rugged, lightweight cotton/polyester shell fabric in Khaki color with Blaze Shoulder … Read more »

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