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A recent e-mail triggered the idea for this blog. The e-mail asked if I use a guide for any of my fishing trips. The answer is yes. The lady e-mailing was looking to book a surprise deep-sea fishing trip for her husband on their winter vacation. She wanted to give the surprise trip to her husband for Christmas and was looking to book the trip now. The e-mail asked several questions about how to book a guided trip, and what to look for when booking. I’ve had the good fortune of fishing with some incredible fishing companies. My most recent … Read more »

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Not what you’re looking for? Find more articles about fishing for saltwater fish!   I consider myself a history fanatic, so when my wife said we’re going on a well-deserved five day family getaway to San Francisco, Calif., I quickly booked a guided tour to see the legendary and historic maximum security prison, Alcatraz. The tour of the prison and Alcatraz Island was everything I could have hoped for. Many of the country’s most dangerous criminals were incarcerated on the island during Alcatraz’s 29-year reign as the most feared prison in the country. And many areas of the prison still … Read more »

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