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Back home After driving back from Saskatchewan and staying overnight in Winnipeg, I flew home to Ottawa and hit up a Canadian Tire store to purchase my non-resident licence (a quick and easy, but expensive, step.) My brother and I headed out to our cottage, where we had both grown up and first learned to deer hunt together. My brother had been scouting our old spots, but got the most consistent trail camera photos of two eight-point bucks living in the dense cedar bush immediately around our cottage. I prepped a stand, confirmed my crossbow and hoped I could complete … Read more »

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The wind is a hunter’s best friend and worst enemy, potentially all in the same minute. Wind direction and velocity can change quickly and it just takes one gust from the wrong direction to foil a plan that had been working perfectly. For many close-range hunters, an ambush from a tree stand perch over a popular game trail is the preferred method of choice, offering the crucial advantage of avoiding detection. I’ve heard others ask in casual conversation, “You just hang a tree stand and wait – how hard can that be?” Over the years, I’ve seen many trees that … Read more »

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New Territory, Same Goal A few days later, I was eagerly driving across Saskatchewan to guide for a whitetail outfitter in the Meadow Lake area. It was early November and I was chomping at the bit to continue chasing whitetails, with one nice buck in the bag already. Many hunters dream of Saskatchewan, and I was now converting this same dream of mine into reality. Many of Saskatchewan’s whitetail outfitters operate in the forest fringe region, north of farm country, where vast tracts of land are designated provincial forests and largely publicly owned tracts of Crown land. Arriving at the … Read more »

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On three separate deer hunts, in three different Canadian provinces, in the same season, I was rewarded with exciting encounters with whitetail bucks across our beautiful country! Like many Canadian hunters, I wait for deer season all year long. I have become so passionate about pursuing whitetails across Canada that I simply can’t let a season end with a single tag. I decided to find a way to keep hunting, and on a budget. With careful planning and research, I managed to weave hunting opportunities for myself across three provinces for the following year. This is my 2012 quest for … Read more »

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