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Picking the right fish An excellent shore lunch begins with the selection of an excellent fish. Here, I can be as picky or critical as they come. I could go on into detail as to why, but there seems to be different varieties of lake trout inhabiting different niches or habitats within the expansive Great Slave Lake. Here we encounter two varieties of lake trout: greenbacks and redfins. Greenbacks tend to cruise more open water, a bright silver and white fish with fainter patterning and an aqua-green back. Often caught trolling open areas, their diet consists of ciscoes, grayling or … Read more »

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It took a couple of hours to scour several lakes and river segments offering the right combination of habitat. This February day was a cold, snowy, winter wonderland and we were in search of willow ptarmigan along frozen waterways by snowmobile north of Thompson, Man. We flushed the first flock of the day with the sleds and then manoeuvred into shotgun range on foot. A .410 and a 20 gauge went to work. With repeated attempts and just enough shells, we were rewarded with a beautiful brace of ptarmigan. A veritable upland bird hunting cornucopia occurs each winter in Canada’s … Read more »

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